Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Has Come and Gone.

I can't believe this summer is almost over.  It has gone by so fast!  We lived in Arkansas for a few months for Josh's job and we loved it.  It was super hot and humid but we had a really nice pool at our apartment complex that we went to everyday.  Joshy finally learned how to walk in that apartment at 15 months old.  He has grown up so much this summer and it makes me so sad how fast time is going.  Then Joshy and I went to Minnesota for a month to spend time with my parents and it was so much fun.  Josh came to visit for a week which was so nice because he got to play in a gold tournament with all of his brother in laws.  They has such a blast competing against each other.  Then Josh had to go back to Arkansas and work but it is worth it in the end because we get to spend tons and tons of time with each other when the summer is over.  While we were in Minnesota Joshy loved driving the boat, playing in the lake, roaming around on the pontoon boat, playing with his cousins, and getting to know grandma and grandpa really well.  One day we went to the petting zoo and he had the time of his life.  He loved petting all of the animals especially the pony, baby bunnies, and of course the dog.  Joshy is really obsessed with dogs right now.  Every time he sees a dog he yells "gog gog gog" its the cutest thing.  He has learned so much this summer since being with his older cousins.  He is such a boy because all he wants to do is wrestle with someone, he runs everywhere and runs into things and he waves to every person in sight and says hiiiiii really loud.  He talks all the time and repeats ANYTHING and I mean anything anyone says.  His favorite words (translations) right now are more (mo mo) he also has to do the sign language for more, binki (binks) dog (gog) ball (baba) thank you (ta tu) papa, help (up) and of course MOM!  I love watching his vocabulary grow.  It's amazing how much he really listens and tries to communicate back to me.  I wish I could freeze this darling age forever.  We are so excited to get ready for Fall and prepare for Baby Girl to come! This summer has been so wonderful and can't wait til next year.  

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  1. Um hello!!! You missed like the most important thing of all!
    Like I got to hang out with my amazing sis in law Chelsey in AR every day and we had a blast trying to find things to do and I miss her so much and I need to come home so I can see her and she is Joshy's favorite!!!! Big trouble!