Friday, December 30, 2011

9 months and Christmas!

Joshy is growing up so fast!! He is 9 almost 10 months! He is the happiest baby!! This year we had Christmas with the Bells. It was so fun hanging out with the family all weekend!! We went to Temple Square to see all the lights and Joshy LOVED the lights. He would laugh the whole time. He also loved opening presents and playing with the paper. Forget about buying toys, the wrapping paper was way more interesting than his toys. Ha. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and a stinkin' cute and healthy baby boy! xoxo

We love our onesies!
They look so sexy in their onesies!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Playin' Catch Up!

In October Josh and I had the opportunity to go to England for 8 days. Josh served his mission there and he has been wanting to go back and see all of the people there so finally after 3 years of being back from his mission we went back! I was so hesitant to go because that meant one thing...not being able to take Joshy. Being the big cry baby that I am, I started crying when he booked the tickets because I didn't want to leave Joshy for 8 days!! Keep in mind I was still breast feeding and Joshy didn't take a Binky or Bottle so I was even more nervous leaving him because what if he didn't take a bottle from my mom??? Well as the trip got closer I had been telling myself it would be okay. Josh and I flew to Florida and dropped Joshy off at my parents house because they were watching him while we were gone. We stayed in Florida for the weekend and in the meantime it was Josh's birthday so we decided to do a little celebration at my parents house. (The England trip was also a part of his birthday) We left for England that Sunday night and let me just tell you, saying goodbye to Joshy was so hard! I was a crying mess! The people at security were like are you okay? I was like yeahhhh. Josh was laughing at me and saying it's going to be okay!!! Well, I finally stopped crying when I got on the plane but I would of course have random times when I would just burst into tears. haha It was quite comical! About 3 hours into the flight I had to pump, so I went to the restroom got my pump out and was about to start pumping until I tried to turn it on and IT DIDN'T WORK! My heart dropped. I was thinking no way this can't be happening. I had just used it a few hours prior so I knew it worked! I go back to my seat and tell Josh my pump is broken. We tried to figure it out and NOPE it still wouldn't work. Long story short...we get to England and I'm walking through customs bawling because I hadn't pumped in 13 hours and I was in pain. (I also missed Joshy ha) The lady at customs drilled me with questions because I was crying so she wanted to make sure nothing serious was wrong and I told her I just need a breast pump haha she finally told me where I could find one. After that I was great!! Being away from Joshy wasn't as bad as I thought. After the first day the trip was so relaxing and fun! Josh and I spent that day going to different members houses. We went to see the play Wicked and it was SO GOOD!! Loved it! That whole week we went all around London and Wales. It was a nice vacation with just the two of us! I loved meeting all the wonderful people he taught and met while serving his mission. I can't wait to go back again someday! We picked Joshy up and it was so good to see him! Thanks to my mom who got Joshy to master taking a bottle and binky! xoxo

Halloween: This was Joshy's first halloween and I had to take him trick or treating! I of course ate all his candy! It was so much fun though!
Thanksgiving: This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Florida. It was so fun to spend time with my whole family and relax! I have so much to be grateful for!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is Joshys first Christmas!! The other day we decided to take Joshy to the mall and see Santa. I thought he would for sure be scared of him. NOPE he LOVED sitting on his lap. He was laughing and trying to start a conversation with him. My favorite part was when he pulled his beard. HA! He was very curious about that! He also loved sucking on the candy cane that Santa gave him. He probably won't remember sitting on Santa's lap but it was sure fun seeing him interact with him! We love you Joshy! xoxo

Sunday, November 20, 2011

8 months!!

Wow I can't believe Joshy is 8 months old. I just can't believe how big he is getting! He got his 2nd tooth this week and it is just too cute! He loves to play with his teeth. Last week Josh and I were playing with Joshy and we wanted to see if he could hang on to this toy drum stick while Josh lifted him up in the air...and sure enough he held on to that drum stick!! It was hilarious! He is such a strong and healthy boy! We love him so much!

Monday, October 3, 2011

7 Months.

Joshy is 7 months old and I can't believe it! He is just beginning to sit up on his own. He is the happiest little boy ever. He loves to be the center of attention and always wants to learn something new everyday. love him!

Weight: 17lbs. 9oz = 31 percentile
Height: 28 inches = 72 percentile

Sunday, September 11, 2011

6 months!

Joshy is 6 months old! He is growing up so fast! He doesn't like taking a bottle but we are working on that! He kind of likes rice cereal, he loves bananas and carrots though! Some of his favorite things to do is shake his head side to side, he says mama, (I act like he's talking to me when he is saying mama!) he's SO close to sitting all by himself, loves to laugh all the time at nothing! I love this age right now, he is so dang cute! We went to the doctor and his percentiles were...

Weight: 15lbs. =32%
Height: 27 inches =80%
Head: 65% (he's got a good size brain)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

5 Months!

Wow my sweet baby Josh is 5 months old! He loves rolling over when I change his diaper and he's obsessed with sucking on his toes especially in the bath! He is doing all sorts of stuff now that he is getting bigger! When I hold him and I have something in my other hand he always swats at it! His favorite thing to do right now is to play with water bottles and anytime you take it away from him he gets mad! This summer baby J has been able to play with all his cousins and he has absolutely loved it! Kaylin and Dax are great big cousins and love to entertain and babysit him! Kaylin always laughs at him and I ask her why are you laughing? She always responds...he is just a funny baby! I guess their little personalities start from the day they are born! Josh got his first ear infection at 5 months! We went to the doctor and he started crying and screaming when he saw the doctor walk in the room. (It broke my heart) J knew exactly what was going on! He is starting to figure out who is a stranger and who isn't. I love watching him progress and do new things every week! xoxo

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Of JULY!

This year we spent fourth of July in Minnesota on the lake with family. We went on a boat parade in the morning and had breakfast on the boat. We also celebrated my 88 year old Grandmas birthday! This is Joshy's first fourth of July and he LOVED being outside on the lake and being around so many people! We went to see fireworks on the boat at night but Joshy was asleep the whole time so he missed the best part! I'm sure he would have loved seeing all those bright colors in the sky! Oh well, maybe next year.

Friday, July 1, 2011

.Four Fabulous Months.

Well here is my monthly update about Joshy. He is 4 months old today! I just can't believe it! I want time to slow down! He hasn't had his 4 month check up so I don't know his weight or height, but what I do know is that he LOVES his FOOD and if he doesn't get it right when he starts begging for it...well you better watch out because he will scream and scream until he gets it! He also loves to play with his toys, talk for about a half hour in his crib when he wakes up in the morning (it's so cute listening to him just talk away in there), blowing bubbles with his mouth (just like daddy), smiling at anyone who talks or looks at him, taking his daily bath, watching TV in his bumbo, and reading books! I could go on and on!! The one thing he HATES is TAKING NAPS!! What do I do? He has never been great at taking naps. He always has to cry himself to sleep. I guess he doesn't want to miss out on anything going on around him. That is one thing we are going to work on this nap time! Ha. I do have to say he is an AWESOME sleeper at night. He has slept through the night since he was about 8 weeks old so I can't really complain about that! I just love this little rugrat more and more every second! He is my sweet little sidekick and loves to watch and do everything I do! Mommy and Daddy love you Joshy!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Father's Day Weekend!

Happy Father's Day to the BEST husband and daddy! Joshy loves his dad so much! Josh and Joshy have their special bonding time every morning while I'm gone. They read books, scriptures, play with toys, and take a morning nap together. Josh is such a wonderful daddy and so helpful. We went to Utah for the weekend to celebrate Father's Day with Josh's family. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful daddy who has been such a great example to me in my life! Also Happy Father's Day to the Best Father-in-Law in the world! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such great people! xoxo

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

:Three Months:

Wow I can't believe Josh is already 3 months old! He smiles all the time, plays with his toes, likes to play with his toys, watch TV, and he LOVES sucking on his hands and fingers. He can stick his whole fist in his mouth! The other day I was tickling his tummy and he started belly laughing. It was the cutest thing I have ever heard! I love this boy more and more everyday!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day Josh surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were delivered to me! They were beautiful! Then we went to a yummy restaurant on the Beach in Newport called 21 Oceanfront. We got there and the hostess took us up to the top of the restaurant with a great ocean view and about half way through dinner I realized we were the only people in that area. I asked Josh why are we the only ones up here? He said because I called and told them to make sure we were the only ones eating at the top of the restaurant. I was shocked and thought that was so sweet. (We had Josh junior with us and I had to feed him towards the end of dinner so maybe thats why) haha. 21 Oceanfront was so delicious and such a beautiful restaurant! Best first mother's day! Thanks Babe!

21 Oceanfront

This was our view from the restaurant.

The Cheesecake had that pretty chocolate on top

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The weekend in Utah!

This past weekend we went to Utah for Easter and to Bless Joshy. It was his first time flying on the plane and he was an angel! He slept on my chest the whole time! We saw baby Crew for the first time and it was crazy to compare and see how much these babies grow within 3 weeks. Joshy looked like a tank compared to Crew. Joshy got blessed on Easter Sunday at Josh's parents house. It was such a special day and so much fun seeing family and friends.

Josh's Blessing Day!
Josh and Crew...3 weeks apart.

Josh loves his cousin Blakely!

As you can tell Brody was so interested in Josh haha
He loved the baby bjorn!
He went on a plane for the first time and we decided to put him in the bin and sleep while we put our shoes on and got our stuff. HaHa

I think he likes watching ellen with me.