Friday, December 30, 2011

9 months and Christmas!

Joshy is growing up so fast!! He is 9 almost 10 months! He is the happiest baby!! This year we had Christmas with the Bells. It was so fun hanging out with the family all weekend!! We went to Temple Square to see all the lights and Joshy LOVED the lights. He would laugh the whole time. He also loved opening presents and playing with the paper. Forget about buying toys, the wrapping paper was way more interesting than his toys. Ha. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and a stinkin' cute and healthy baby boy! xoxo

We love our onesies!
They look so sexy in their onesies!


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Playin' Catch Up!

In October Josh and I had the opportunity to go to England for 8 days. Josh served his mission there and he has been wanting to go back and see all of the people there so finally after 3 years of being back from his mission we went back! I was so hesitant to go because that meant one thing...not being able to take Joshy. Being the big cry baby that I am, I started crying when he booked the tickets because I didn't want to leave Joshy for 8 days!! Keep in mind I was still breast feeding and Joshy didn't take a Binky or Bottle so I was even more nervous leaving him because what if he didn't take a bottle from my mom??? Well as the trip got closer I had been telling myself it would be okay. Josh and I flew to Florida and dropped Joshy off at my parents house because they were watching him while we were gone. We stayed in Florida for the weekend and in the meantime it was Josh's birthday so we decided to do a little celebration at my parents house. (The England trip was also a part of his birthday) We left for England that Sunday night and let me just tell you, saying goodbye to Joshy was so hard! I was a crying mess! The people at security were like are you okay? I was like yeahhhh. Josh was laughing at me and saying it's going to be okay!!! Well, I finally stopped crying when I got on the plane but I would of course have random times when I would just burst into tears. haha It was quite comical! About 3 hours into the flight I had to pump, so I went to the restroom got my pump out and was about to start pumping until I tried to turn it on and IT DIDN'T WORK! My heart dropped. I was thinking no way this can't be happening. I had just used it a few hours prior so I knew it worked! I go back to my seat and tell Josh my pump is broken. We tried to figure it out and NOPE it still wouldn't work. Long story short...we get to England and I'm walking through customs bawling because I hadn't pumped in 13 hours and I was in pain. (I also missed Joshy ha) The lady at customs drilled me with questions because I was crying so she wanted to make sure nothing serious was wrong and I told her I just need a breast pump haha she finally told me where I could find one. After that I was great!! Being away from Joshy wasn't as bad as I thought. After the first day the trip was so relaxing and fun! Josh and I spent that day going to different members houses. We went to see the play Wicked and it was SO GOOD!! Loved it! That whole week we went all around London and Wales. It was a nice vacation with just the two of us! I loved meeting all the wonderful people he taught and met while serving his mission. I can't wait to go back again someday! We picked Joshy up and it was so good to see him! Thanks to my mom who got Joshy to master taking a bottle and binky! xoxo

Halloween: This was Joshy's first halloween and I had to take him trick or treating! I of course ate all his candy! It was so much fun though!
Thanksgiving: This year we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Florida. It was so fun to spend time with my whole family and relax! I have so much to be grateful for!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011


This is Joshys first Christmas!! The other day we decided to take Joshy to the mall and see Santa. I thought he would for sure be scared of him. NOPE he LOVED sitting on his lap. He was laughing and trying to start a conversation with him. My favorite part was when he pulled his beard. HA! He was very curious about that! He also loved sucking on the candy cane that Santa gave him. He probably won't remember sitting on Santa's lap but it was sure fun seeing him interact with him! We love you Joshy! xoxo