Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The weekend in Utah!

This past weekend we went to Utah for Easter and to Bless Joshy. It was his first time flying on the plane and he was an angel! He slept on my chest the whole time! We saw baby Crew for the first time and it was crazy to compare and see how much these babies grow within 3 weeks. Joshy looked like a tank compared to Crew. Joshy got blessed on Easter Sunday at Josh's parents house. It was such a special day and so much fun seeing family and friends.

Josh's Blessing Day!
Josh and Crew...3 weeks apart.

Josh loves his cousin Blakely!

As you can tell Brody was so interested in Josh haha
He loved the baby bjorn!
He went on a plane for the first time and we decided to put him in the bin and sleep while we put our shoes on and got our stuff. HaHa

I think he likes watching ellen with me.


  1. haha cute pictures!!! it was fun seeing you all! wish you lived here..maybe one day ;)

  2. so cute. brody pushing jr. away is classic! haha. So good to see you guys!